Monday, January 6, 2014

this and that and quilling

Well the new year has begun. I wish I could say I'm looking forward to it, but to be honest I'm just living in the moment. Day by day, minute by minute, moment by moment is really how I'm living my life right now. Sometimes I think that I should try to set some grandiose goals for myself to accomplish this year, but I'm really just not thinking that way to be honest.

Jenn's death has hit me much harder than I would like to admit. I'm still mourning and I'm fighting the process because of some misplaced sense of my lack of importance in her life - almost like I wasn't close enough to her to be as sad as I am. This is of course not true. My feelings are my feelings and they are valid and true and I have to accept them and work through them allowing myself to be in the moment with them. I don't want to wallow, but I do want to experience my sadness and grief - it's the healthy thing to do. I'm working on it.

Knitting has been my primary way of coping these last few months.

These are all the things I knit just before Christmas - all but one were gifts.

I haven't been doing a lot of knitting the last few weeks, but I have discovered quilling and I've become somewhat obsessed. Quilling is a paper art that uses strips of paper coiled into shapes to create objects or pictures. I've been making snowflakes among other things.

here's a picture of my new art space where I do a lot of my quilling

here's a picture of trees I did with quilling
here's one of the many snowflakes I've created

and this is a snowflake pendant I created - I'm going to make it into a necklace for myself.

As you can see when I discover a new hobby I get a little obsessive.

As for knitting - I'm still thinking of a Etsy shop where I can sell some of my knitted items as well as perhaps some quilled art, so I'm working on a cardigan using up some of my stash yarn to sell.

One of the very few goals I've set for myself is to become a published author this year. I've now written 2 novels for Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month - during the last 2 Novembers and this year I will edit both of them, submit one to a publisher and self publish the other one. At least that is the plan. Stay tuned for more details as I get my butt in gear.

So that is what is up with me. I just keep on keeping on living my life day by day. Not much changes, but I continue to do my best being the wife and mother that I am.