Thursday, August 29, 2013

Iced Coffee

I'm sitting here drinking iced coffee and thinking about my life while I wait for an appointment to spend some time with some of my online friends - online. We gather a few times a week in a chat room and watch videos together and chat. It's great fun. As I sit here waiting to start I'm struck by how grateful I am. I'm so lucky to have people in my life from all over the world that truly care for me. I may never meet them in person, but that doesn't change the fact that they truly care. That means so much to me. I find that I'm so grateful for social media, specifically Facebook because not only can I keep in touch with my family and friends from near and far, I can also meet new people that I share interests with. How wonderful is that. Do online friend replace my other friends? No of course not, but I find that I have become closer to some of those friends than to the ones I see in "real life". I talk to them more often and find it's sometimes easier to share because we may be in similar places in our journeys. I've discovered that I'm a bit of an introvert, so getting out and seeing others is not my forte - I'd much rather stay home and read a book or two or three ;) and spend time with my husband and kids. I love and am grateful to all the people who have chosen to be in my life whatever way we connected or however we stay in touch. I'm a truly blessed person to have folks who care for me and who I can care for right back. This is just another way my life is good.

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