Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving and I'm thankful for many things. For my family and friends, for those who have supported me through the worst of times and those who left me to fend for myself. I'm thankful for the hardships in my life for they made me who I am and I think I'm turning out pretty spectacularly. I'm thankful to my pets for teaching me about unconditional love. I'm thankful to my children for all the many lessons they teach me - right now it's about letting go and letting them be responsible for their own choices - I can't protect them forever even if I'd like to. I'm thankful for my shortcomings and for all the lessons I've learned, are learning and have yet to learn from them. I'm thankful to my husband for his love, support, mistakes, arguments and just his presence in my life.

Mostly I'm thankful to my Higher Power for bringing all of these blessings into my life and helping me through it all. For giving me an attitude of gratitude and for sticking by me when I refuse to learn.

Blessings to one and all whether it's your Thanksgiving day or not.

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