Saturday, March 7, 2015

something positive

It seems silly, but I've made a positive change in my life. I got a haircut - or rather a "dread cut".....

The top picture is a few weeks ago and the bottom is this morning.

It may seem silly but I feel so much lighter and not just physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. The last time I had dreadlocks I cut them all off not too long after losing my son, Arlo during my pregnancy. I realized that I was holding a lot of my mental and spiritual pain in my hair. I think I've been doing the same now. I've had this set of dreads for about 5 years and the depression and pain I've felt over that time has been trapped in my hair. It may seem an odd concept, but I really believe it's true. I feel lighter, less weighed down, maybe even happy. Things are looking up.

Spring is coming and after contemplating this move (even considering cut them all the way off like I did 8 years ago) for months I finally started cutting this morning. I just decided to do it. My beloved helped put in these dreads and he helped me cut them down to a more manageable length. They are a bit shorter than I intended, but I have to admit I love them like this. And one thing I can count on is that they will grow again.

So here I am with a symbolic first step with my hair and my life. 

It may seem silly or odd, but this really makes me feel like everything will be okay - even more so that as much as I may feel like I'm struggling right now - it's all for a reason and really I'm okay. I'm making the steps and learning the lessons I need to learn right here - right now.

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