Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Spiritual Awakening

For most of us in program a spiritual awakening is not a flash in the desert, but is rather a gradual process. I think this is true of me.

I've been in program for probably about a year and a half and it has taken me all that time - including a time of relapse - to really rediscover my Higher Power. My awakening has definitely been gradual - little by little, day by day, step by step, moment by moment until I realized I had reestablished a connection with my Higher Power. It happened so naturally that I almost didn't recognize it.

But, here I am. Writing about my spiritual journey through the steps - awakening out of a time of deep depression - blinking my eyes at the coming light.

I'm grateful - oh so grateful for the 12 step program of OA because not only has it helped me rediscover my Higher Power, but in doing so it helped me rediscover myself. I was lost in the desert and I slowly made my way back to who I am. Changed and better, but still Hope.

I have a very varied spiritual path. I grew up as a Christian in a Congregationalist Church attending Sunday School and going to services on holidays. I converted to Catholicism in my teenage years then discovered Wicca in college. I've attended church services of many types within the Christian faith and been parts of Pagan circles. I've studied Shamanism and worked with beautiful Shamanic healers. Ultimately, at this point in my life, I feel called to an eclectic paganism that incorporates my entire Spiritual Journey. I've had to be reawakened to my spirituality various times throughout my life as I wandered off the path of my journey, but somehow I've always found myself making my way back to a rich spiritual life. At this point my path is along the 12 steps of OA and has led my back to the Goddess who has claimed me for this time.

I am blessed to be called to this Spiritual Journey and though it may have so many twists and turns that now one else could find their way - it's my way and I am thankful for it.

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