Monday, April 21, 2014

self control

This is quite the concept for me as a compulsive overeater and sugar addict. It would be nice if battling an addiction was as easy as self control. I have lots of self control when it comes to some things, but not sugar.

People who are not addicts find it very hard to understand how sugar or food can be an addiction - they don't understand why I can't just eat one little slice of pie.

Yesterday was Easter and we went to my parents' house for dinner. There was chocolate cream pie for desert and my mom offered me a slice. I turned her down - thanking her politely and she said just have a little piece. What she doesn't understand is that one tiny slice of pie would mean me sneaking in to the kids' rooms to steal their Easter candy or getting in the car late at night to go buy myself ice cream then eating the whole pint. I'm not proud of this - I'm a little embarrassed actually, but it's the truth. One taste of sugar and I lose control.

One thing I've noticed since giving up sugar and compulsive eating is that I have more self control in all other aspects of my life too. I'm much less likely to fly off the handle now that sugar is out of my system. I'm calmer, more in control of my reactions and emotions.

So today I thank my Higher Power for giving me self control - for helping me do what I cannot do myself. I'm on day 52 of abstinence and it was worth not having any chocolate cream pie yesterday - I'm free of compulsive overeating and sugar.

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