Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A chair for Sheela and a blanket for Finn

I noticed that the most popular post so far has been the one about whether to take our beloved Finn camping with us. Well, we did and now we're back, so I thought I'd talk a bit about our trip today.

We took both dogs with us - our elderly Finn who is 16 years old and our younger dog Sheela who is 4 I think. Anyway, Finn really seemed to enjoy the trip as usual. We had an old blanket for him to lie on so his old bones would be more comfortable. We set it by the fire and Finn was just such a trooper. He curled up on his blanket usually at my feet. The funniest part of seeing Finn in this natural environment was that he actually started lifting his leg to pee again. He hadn't done that in a least a year because his backend has gotten so weak. It was a joy to see him wagging his tail and snuffling around the ground. He got really cold the last couple of nights, so he'd lay on his blanket and I'd cover him with my sweatshirt - he'd snuggle down all comfy enjoying the fire and the company of his family. It was a blessing to have this time with him. It was a wonderful goodbye of sorts. I realized while away that the time to let go is close and having him with us definitely made it easier to accept this eventuality.

Now Sheela on the other hand was a handful. She felt the need to bark at anyone who walked by the entire time. She only barked at passing cars for the first day or so, but almost any little thing would set her off. It was incredibly frustrating. She's also very thin and and has short hair, so she was cold most of the time. She, however, wouldn't just curl up in front of the fire. She felt the need to be on one of us most of the time. If there was no lap available she would curl up in the closest chair and we'd cover her with a blanket. Talk about high maintenance. As my Beloved hubby says, "it's a good thing she's so cute."

We are home now and Finn has slept almost non stop since we got here. Sheela has been blessedly quiet and is currently curled up in a spot of sun on the floor - yes Sheela on the floor is an anomaly. We are safe and comfortable and clean after our adventure. It's good to be home.

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